Breanna Morandi




Breanna Morandi is a yoga and meditation guide & writer living and exploring in Calgary, Canada. With teaching and writing that is informed by the depth of interconnection she feels in the lived experience of both the practice and the minutia of every day life, she creates offerings designed to reflect the power of presence and heart-based living. She holds a deep reverence for the ancient wisdom traditions of the world and is a perennial student always seeking to expand her knowledge base. Breanna believes in the transformative force of love and the power of the inquisitive mind and wild heart. 




Yoga and all of its various intersecting practices, faiths, wisdom traditions and new age additions, is a path of seekers.

I feel that we are most balanced when we pay homage to that sacred lineage by learning its history, studying its roots and upholding its classic teachings while also remaining true to its essence and adopting the Seeker within ourselves. The Seeker is born in connection to the ancient wisdom that has paved the path and in mapping our own internal journeying, following our own renegade hearts in exploration and bearing witness to the unfolding. Here, we are bringing new relevance to the practice and remembering to be the vessel for it rather than trying to possess it.

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To hold & to hone
To uncover & unbind

To expand into the honeyed rooms of the soul where awareness is warm as deep afternoon sun meeting each crevice of the mind
To contract and distill from the infinite to the singular
To dig into the mire, the might, the muck and the majesty
To brave the undulations; waves of thought, of emotion, & of fierce and sticky residues from story and memory that cling to the walls and tuck themselves away in corners
To be in purposeful presence with all of it, to see & allow it to play itself out.
To let it be of you, but not you.
To sit will breed this capacity.
To anchor, howsoever you do, into the present moment will build and cultivate it
Presence will assemble the necessary means and ways of being to tune it all into resonance
To simply be is enough.

This is meditation. The consistent practice of returning to presence until the fetters of the mind yield and drop into complete absorption. Each time we practice we reshape the architecture of the mind and our capacity to be in sustained presence and come home to ourselves. It doesn't have to be a Herculean effort, just a consistent and attentive practice of being here and now. Whatever it is, choose it, carve out the time for it and let it work on you and build itself from there.





Love letters from a heart that feels everything as a pretence for poetry.

Word has always been my primary way of connecting to the world around me. The most artful way of living my life occurs in distilling it, however ineffable, into the relative density of words. This is how life has translated to me and moved through me. Writing, speaking, singing, reading - these are my muses, my mirrors and my lifelines. My creative impulse is fulfilled with bringing teachings and art into expression through the medium of word, both in writing and speech. 

My inspiration comes from the natural world, connecting to the earth, my own lived experiences & dedicated studentship, a steady listening and attunement to the wisdom stores of the Heart and an intentionally cultivated connection to Spirit.