You came to Be


Stop hiding

Your expansive heart and veracious mind

Your truth, and blaming it on inconvenience

Your Self, and blaming it on a lack of palatability


Stop pretending you are something else

That a witchy, priestess, medicine woman isn't living inside your skin

That your soul is not blazing with light and a fierce momentum to create

That you aren't drumming, smudging, praying and meditating


For all of the unveilings and truth telling there are still things placed out of frame to protect and buffer

This act is watering you down

And as you work to shield the proverbial ‘them’ from the full saturation of ‘you’ in undiluted quantities, you are diminishing the potency of your medicine.


My darling, I know.

For safety’s sake and the protection of your vulnerable, sensitive heart you are shielding.

But rest assured, you didn't come here to hide away in darkened doorways, to show only half your light.

You came to heal, to connect, to remember the ancient and invoke new ways.

You came to step outside of boundary lines, to see, to feel, to reignite.

You came to be human - to falter and trip, to bruise and skin knees and your ego, to laugh and break open the fertile ground of your heartmatter, to utterly fall to pieces, disassembled, and then reorganize and recreate.

You came to embody, to be a living Truth, a responsive mother to the way of Truth adjusting your course as often as needed.

You came to be. To be this evolving one, seemingly singular self, in a sea of One.


So be.

Negotiate your Heart open and attune to it.

Over and over again.

For as many times as you open one doorway in this vast space, there will be another layer to unpack and live through.

Let the appetite to be your whole, full-bodied, undivided, essential Self be stronger than the remnants of fear that beg you to silence and shy away.

—Be. You. Whole and intact and complete.