Breanna Morandi



Open your bright eyes wide, make space to receive the view, to witness the intersections of every living being that exists on this planet. This is a way of falling in love with the world around you. 

Something as small as an ant bustling alongside us has a tether that props up the intricate balance of this ecosystem in which we live. Something in its very ‘ant-ness’, in its scurrying from one point to another to create a life within its own species, fulfilling its role, much as we do, intersects with the fabric of our lives.  

In our shared beingness, both citizens of the earth, we are invariably essential to one another. This seemingly separate being, often thought to be of little consequence, is absolutely vital in its delicate way of contributing to the flux of balance this earth so steadily entertains for us. Every single thing, for its time, in its own way, is absolutely necessary. In its most dense form, this is what it means to recognize unity, to release separation. 

This is the call to honour and to strive for life and the preservation of this planet we are so blessed to call home. It's a call to remember the sacred relationship between ourselves and this earth and to recommit ourselves to the vows we’ve made to love and protect, to live and walk harmoniously. 

At each and every moment, as we breeze past these intersections that form the underpinnings of the world in which we live, She is always there.

Lay your tender heart back into her and she will cradle you. Trip, falter, buckle at your knees and drop down with the weight of living and she will catch you.

 She will always, as always she has since time immemorial. She is Mother; life giver, sustainer, creator. 

Thank you, Ma. You have sewn together the fabric of my grateful heart and made it new again and again.