Breanna Morandi


Keep On


So you don't fit neatly into little boxes?

You don't tuck away easily into four corners and four glass walls?

Perhaps your edges are frayed and multicoloured,

tasselled fringes of sacred tapestry

Perhaps you come in at odd angles and off beats,

dissonance with a flourish of intention

Perhaps you are listening beyond the reach of your ears,

speaking beyond the whip of your tongue

Keep on

The originality of your broken mould, your spherical nature

— a necessary magic

Your velveteen presence, your acuminous vision

— the medicine the world is hungering for

Stay veracious and on purpose

Step into being known

Forge the obscure and unexplored path ahead

Wear your wild and indomitable heart on your sleeve, dear one

— the rest will follow

Breanna Morandi