The Way Summer Feels


There are things that ought not be sacrificed

The way that summer feels

The way that fresh air and sitting directly in the grass whispers freedom into your ear

A mixture of honey and flower petals and that knowing smile that this is the treasured moment you have been awaiting.

The way that your listening sharpens to distinguish the grace of the breeze in the leaves, speaking a language you once knew and long to remember.

The aliveness that seeps in from every corner as you sample sunshine and silence.

The electricity in anticipating the symphonic sound of thunder and raindrops, the way it kindles something and widens your eyes in wonder.

Preserve them by being with them – attuning to them. Imprint them in your cells by giving them your whole presence now. Be so completely absorbed in them that the next time you are lamenting their loss, their ephemeral nature you can recall them from your tissues and sustain yourself on them.

Remember then that beauty lives in your eyes, that freedom is housed in your spine, that sweetness makes a nest of your heart and aliveness is the name of your spirit.

R e m e m b e r ✨