Breanna Morandi




Something ancient awakens like first light cresting slumbering eyelids

A reorganizing of the self to make a home for what is being born

A nesting around these tender, fledgling openings  

A building up from the clay of our bones to nurture and hold this precious beginning  

This is initiation, a spark lit that rouses something that feels, at first, infantile. It grows beneath your ribs and you feel its fullness and remember – it is not new, it is a dormant treasure awaiting this exact availability of your awareness to begin to thrive here

It is answering the perfectly timed call, when all your sensitivities have been adjusted to perceive it

You are recalibrating to enliven, to connect in ways that you only watched from your curious and wondering perch. Until now. 

Initiations are not a singular experience. From the first, comes all subsequent shifts. There is an inevitability built in that buoys you along your path, enacting the pre-paved circumstances designed to agitate and elate you into awakening. 

This is the technicolor life you were made for – the timid and adventurous parts of you, the peaceful and the fierce, the laterally and upwardly growing you that is always on purpose.