Breanna Morandi


You are here on purpose

Sometimes from the chaotic parts of my mind, the thought flies up and grabs me by the chin. It pulls at my insides until I stare straight at it and let it have me. “Who are you to dream such a dream?!”, it challenges me. For a moment I let this invasive thought make a home of me as I ponder on it, perhaps taking up its mantle and agreeing that I am naught but a fool to be daring to dream such a thing of myself. 

But there is always a next moment. In this subsequent moment a response arises from a soft, but lionhearted voice nested deep within that asks, “oh, but my dear, how could you not?”. How could you do anything but step fully into the gifts you’ve been given? Who are you serving by hiding away from the world, pretending you are not here on purpose? 

Your every cell has aligned to commit itself to being present so that your exact purpose can be realized. You don't have to know what that is in every moment, or even in the grand scheme of things. You just have to be here, present, living life as wholly and completely as you can. Make peace with the frightened, self-doubting voice that only wants to protect you. It is loving you in the best way it knows how, that ego of yours, by offering to buffer you and keep you safe. Instead, you have to gently love it and let it go to step into trust, to take the leaps of faith as they occur to you so that you can land in your Dharma and embody it completely. 

Breanna Morandi