Keep holding the light

Keep holding the light. 


Shed the image of hands clasped, shirking responsibility and see this instead – a call to unity, a heartbroken meeting of our lightest Self and the shadow aspects looking longingly at one another, an agreement to show up in presence and commit to doing the work. Prayer in its most sincere form is a contribution to the collective consciousness that fortifies our capacity to love more fiercely and more completely. In its most potent form it is the emboldening call to have the courage to examine where that hatred, violence and fear is held in the individual self. It is the steady engagement in uprooting and dismantling it within ourselves and the careful planting of new seeds. It is the vow to stay present and connected to Love and to spread this, and only this, in thoughts, words and actions. It is a promise to be ceaseless and relentless in our personal work so that at every passing moment we show up with a more wide open heart, ensuring that what is left in our wake is more clearly attuned to the frequency of Love. It is seeing our own shadow and refusing to deny it, being willing to take ownership of it and continue steadily realigning it. Pull the shadow back into view, honour and allow for it. Make space for it and offer it a seat. Through these tender ways you strike a balance.

At times like these it is so tempting to give in and give up, to feel useless and hopeless or resign ourselves to the notion that it's all falling apart, that it may be beyond repair. There's a knot in my heart that makes me want to do just that. But the answer to unknitting that is to keep showing up, keep doing the work. Keep choosing to extend kindness, to move the way grace moves, to be a pillar for Love. As your heart cracks open in response to the ache in the world, instead of closing it, keep it wide open and make the purposeful choice that love lives here – more spacious and more complete than ever before. That ripple effect of your steady, loving presence is the best way we have through the chaos. It is the greatest chance we have for peace – to be devoted to it in our own ways, moment to moment. So here we steady ourselves, hold tightly to our human family and return again and again to love.