We must

My heart feels leadened and weary. This continual process of mending and reorganizing to heal from multiple fractures and shatterings brought on by witnessing certain aspects of the world unfolding is one that all the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men are struggling to keep up with. 

Crack, shatter, nurture, mend. On repeat. 

The balm of the moment is watching the response as thousands of people rally and respond with love. For whatever else this juncture in history may represent, this man is catalyzing massive change and a deep thread of activism and unity out of urgent necessity. 
This is evolution. Individual and collective. Dark and contracted in order to break the light in. The call to step up, to dive deep into our own Work is screaming in our ears. We cannot afford to stay silent and be complicit. We cannot afford to hide inside of silent prayers of thanks that our privilege shelters us from this experience or that one and then tune out to numb from the pain of empathizing. We cannot be the bystanders. We need to get down to business and feel it. We must be allies and inclusive lovers of all humans. We must speak, stand and march. We must lend our lives, our purpose and our platforms to being protectors of our brothers and sisters – every last one. And we must love; louder, stronger, deeper and every other synonym you can find for more, more, MORE. We must drop the limiting belief that love is not enough and remember that it is a verb and a spark, an active and transformative principle, a primordial and limitless force. We must choose for it be the thing that busts the seams on our hearts wide open until there is nothing exempt from it; choose it over this repetitive dance of watching fear based acts around us break our hearts instead. 

Wheresoever you meet, engage with, or have a passing glance with another accept this invitation to be and give love. We need this. Every single one of us. And as weary as we may get, we can never stop. We must hold space for each other to grieve, to heal and to rebuild each time and return to the work. Always and all ways.